RuG @ EVALITA 2018: Hate Speech Detection In Italian Social Media

Xiaoyu Bai, Flavio Merenda, Claudia Zaghi, Tomasso Caselli, Malvina Nissim


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    We describe the systems the RuG Team developed in the context of the Hate Speech Detection Task in Italian Social Media at EVALITA 2018. We submitted a total of eight runs, participating in all four subtasks. The best macro-F1 score in all subtasks was obtained by a Linear SVM, using hate-rich embeddings. Our best system obtains competitive results, by rank- ing 6th (out of 14) in HaSpeeDe-FB, 3rd (out of 15) in HaSpeeDe-TW, 8th (out of 13) in Cross-HaSpeeDe FB, and 6th (out of 13) in Cross-HaSpeeDe TW.
    Originele taal-2English
    TitelSixth Evaluation Campaign of Natural Language Processing and Speech Tools for Italian
    SubtitelFinal Workshop (EVALITA 2018)
    RedacteurenTommaso Caselli, Nicole Novielli, Viviana Patti, Paolo Rosso
    UitgeverijCEUR Workshop Proceedings (
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    StatusPublished - 2018
    EvenementEVALITA 2018 - CLIC-It 2018, Turin, Italy
    Duur: 12-dec-201813-dec-2018


    WorkshopEVALITA 2018

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