Samenwerking mondzorg en jeugdgezondheidszorg; voor betere tandheelkundige preventie

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    The new Dutch clinical practice guideline Oral Care for Children and Young People advises parents to visit the oral care professional before or from the eruption of the first tooth, because oral care starts with the first deciduous tooth. However, this is not yet standard for everyone. Still, almost all parents of newborns (> 95%) visit well-baby clinics with their newborn. This article describes how well-baby clinics and oral care can collaborate and how in the Netherlands, young children and their parents can be contacted earlier for (preventive) dental care. There are a few examples of projects in which well-child clinics and oral care collaborate, such as the Gezonde Peutermonden project (toddlers' healthy mouths project), the GigaGaaf project (giga whole project) and the case of a practice in Haarlem, in the Schalkwijk district. Because these projects are still in progress, it is not yet clear whether a collaboration between well-child clinics and oral care will also have an effect on the caries prevalence in children.

    Vertaalde titel van de bijdrageCollaboration of oral care and well-child care: for better preventive dentistry
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