Scaling Astro-WISE to LOFAR long term archive. From KIDS to LOFAR

K. Begeman, A. N. Belikov*, D. Boxhoorn, F. Dijkstra, H. A. Holties, G. A. Renting, N. Vermaas, W. -J. Vriend

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The Astro-WISE information system was developed to handle data processing for the KIDS survey. In this paper we describe the adaptation of the WISE concept to allow scaling to support archives containing tens of petabytes of stored data and the changes we introduced to accommodate the system for the LOFAR Long Term Archive. With this we provide an example of how Astro-WISE technology can be adapted to support a wider range and scale of data.

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TijdschriftExperimental Astronomy
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StatusPublished - jan.-2013


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