Scattering of light by photonic crystals

B.J. Hoenders, M. Doosje, J. Knoester


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A new method is developed to calculate the scattering of light at the surface of a photonic crystal. The problem is solved in terms of virtual surface-current distributions and the calculation takes full advantage of the infinite-space plane-wave expansion method for obtaining the photonic band structure. Working with surface currents makes the calculations less time-consuming by means of reduction of the dimensionality in the problem. The method is applied to a semi-infinite dielectric continuum and for semi-infinite two-dimensional photonic crystals of small and large dielectric contrast.
Originele taal-2English
Pagina's (van-tot)133-146
Aantal pagina's14
TijdschriftActa Physica Polonica A
Nummer van het tijdschrift1
StatusPublished - 2002
EvenementInternational Conference on From Quantum Optics to Photonics - , Poland
Duur: 28-jun-20013-jul-2001

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