Science and Adaptive Optics Requirements of MICADO, the E-ELT adaptive optics imaging camera

Richard Davies, N. Ageorges, L. Barl, L. Bedin, R. Bender, P. Bernardi, F. Chapron, Y. Clenet, A. Deep, E. Deul, M. Drost, F. Eisenhauer, R. Falomo, G. Fiorentino, N. M. Förster Schreiber, E. Gendron, R. Genzel, D. Gratadour, L. Greggio, F. GruppE. Held, T. Herbst, H.-J. Hess, Z. Hubert, K. Jahnke, K. Kuijken, D. Lutz, D. Magrin, B. Muschielok, R. Navarro, E. Noyola, T. Paumard, G. Piotto, R. Ragazzoni, A. Renzini, G. Rousset, H.-W. Rix, R. Saglia, L. Tacconi, M. Thiel, E. Tolstoy, S. Trippe, N. Tromp, E. A. Valentijn, G. Verdoes Kleijn, M. Wegner

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MICADO is the adaptive optics imaging camera being studied for the E-ELT. Its design has been optimised for use with MCAO, but will have its own SCAO module for the initial operational phase; and in principle could also be used with GLAO or LTAO. In this contribution, we outline a few of the science drivers for MICADO and show how these have shaped its design. The science drivers have led to a number of requirements on the AO system related to astrometry, photometry, and PSF uniformity. We discuss why these requirements have arisen and what might be done about them. unknown author type, collab unknown author type, collab
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Titel1st AO4ELT conference
SubtitelAdaptative Optics for Extremely Large Telescopes
RedacteurenY. Clénet, J.-M. Conan, Th. Fusco, G. Rousset
Uitgeverij EDP Sciences
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StatusPublished - 2010
Evenement1st AO4ELT conference - Paris, France
Duur: 22-jun-200926-jun-2009


Conference1st AO4ELT conference

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