Science Data Management for the E-ELT: usecase MICADO



The E-ELT First-light instrument MICADO will explore new parameter space in terms of precision astrometry, photometry and spectroscopy. This provides challenges for the data handling and reduction to ensure MICADO takes the observational capabilities of the AO-assisted E-ELT towards its limits. Our plan is to achieve this via iterative improvement of data quality. We present implications for the science data management system and pipelines. The iterative feedback loop between improving science data quality and improving the instrument, telescope and atmospheric calibration leads to an ever better observational model. For this reason the MICADO instrument data simulator plays a vital role in the design of pipelines and science data management system. It should provide realistic data for all science cases to guide the trade-off between calibration via hardware and software. It can then also guide how to embed the observational model in the data management system. We discuss our current models of instrument, E-ELT and sky background and the type of science data management system that supports their continuous monitoring and iterative improvement.
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TitelScience Operations 2015
SubtitelScience Data Management - An ESO/ESA Workshop, held 24-27 November, 2015 at ESO Garching. Online at, id.1
StatusPublished - dec-2015

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