Scientific understanding of students in the picture: The evaluation of Video Feedback Coaching for upper grade teachers during science and technology education

Sabine van Vondel


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Scientific understanding of students in the picture
Scientific understanding is becoming more important in today's society. Eliciting and stimulating these talents in the form of science and technology education will become increasingly incorporated in the Dutch school curriculum. Video Feedback Coaching (VFCt) was used to support teachers to professionalize in this field. On several primary schools in the North of the Netherlands this Curious Minds study was conducted. Teachers learned to use different pedagogical-didactical strategies, such as the use of the scientific method, asking questions that stimulate and scaffold students to express scientific understanding. Teachers were supported in this process by offering video feedback of own classroom behaviors. Sabine van Vondel used video recordings of teacher’s practice to foster professional reflection and to improve teacher’s instructional skills.

The complexity approach enabled to evaluate the VFCt on the micro-level. The study focused at the level of scientific understanding of students in interaction with the teacher’s instructional skills.
By zooming in on the interaction it has been found that complex levels of scientific understanding are achieved through a joint investment by teachers and students. This study showed that teachers can optimize science and technology education by asking follow-up questions using the scientific method and by encouraging students to deepen their understanding. The results showed that VFCt is an effective way to change teachers’ practice and by doing so, it also proved that putting students’ scientific understanding in the picture is an effective way for changing patterns of interaction that promote students’ display of scientific understanding.
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