Screening instrument for dysphagia in intellectual disabilities: Development and first validation

Marloes Schüller-Korevaar, Susanna van der Woude, Andrea Fokkens, Nienke Verheij-Jansen, Alain D. Dekker



Background: People with intellectual disabilities (ID) are at high risk for dysphagia. Early screening for dysphagia is of essence to prevent severe health problems, like choking or pneumonia, and can contribute to improve quality of life. Therefore, we developed the Screening instrument for Dysphagia in ID (SD-ID) as easy and quick tool for daily caregivers to signal a risk for dysphagia. Method: Development of SD-ID was based on currently used screening lists, literature and clinical experiences. The SD-ID is completed by caregivers. First validation was performed among 42 people with intellectual disabilities. SD-ID was compared to outcomes of examination by speech therapist using the Dysphagia Disorder Survey (DDS). Next, the SD-ID was used in an institutional setting for 1064 people with intellectual disabilities. Results: Compared to the DDS, sensitivity and specificity of SD-ID was promising (>75% with cut-off score 3). Positive predictive value and negative predictive value were promising as well. More severe level of intellectual disabilities resulted in higher total scores on SDVB. Results on item level guided optimization of the SD-ID. Conclusions SD-ID is a valid and straight forward screening tool for caregivers to screen for dysphagia in people with intellectual disabilities. This contributes to increased awareness and preventing dysphagiarelated health problems.
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StatusPublished - 8-jul.-2021
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EvenementIASSIDD Europe Congress: Value Diversity - Amsterdam/virtual, Netherlands
Duur: 6-jul.-20218-jul.-2021


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