Scrotal hematoma, anemia, and jaundice as manifestations of adrenal neuroblastoma in a newborn

HG Kreeftenberg, CJAM Zeebregts, RYJ Tamminga, ZJ de Langen, RJ Zijlstra*

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Clinically, a neuroblastoma presents mostly as an abdominal mass. Within the tumor, bleeding can be present, sometimes extending in to its surroundings. This case report describes a neuroblastoma, presenting as scrotal hematoma in a newborn boy, which initially raised the suspicion of a torsio testis. In this patient, the bleeding descended through the subcutaneous and muscular tissue into the scrotum. In addition, anemia and jaundice were marked features. This clinical manifestation of a neuroblastoma has not been reported previously. Ultrasonography is advised as the first diagnostic step to exclude retroperitoneal origin of the bleeding. Magnetic resonance imaging and meta-iodobenzyl guanidine scanning were helpful tools in the final diagnostic workup. J Pediatr Surg 34:1856-1857. Copyright (C) 1999 by W.B. Saunders Company.

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Pagina's (van-tot)1856-1857
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TijdschriftJournal of Pediatric Surgery
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StatusPublished - dec-1999

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