Search for Possible Associations of FTO Gene Polymorphic Variants with Metabolic Syndrome, Obesity and Body Mass Index in Schizophrenia Patients

Anastasiia S Boiko, Ivan V Pozhidaev, Diana Z Paderina, Anna V Bocharova, Irina A Mednova, Olga Yu Fedorenko, Elena G Kornetova, Anton J M Loonen*, Arkadiy V Semke, Nikolay A Bokhan, Svetlana A Ivanova

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Purpose: Metabolic syndrome (MetS) is characterized by abdominal obesity, hyperglycaemia, dyslipidaemia and hypertension. FTO gene has been implicated in the pathogenesis of obesity, but the available scientific data concerning their relationship to antipsychotic drug-induced obesity and metabolic syndrome is still incomplete and inconsistent, which indicates that continuing the investigation of this gene's role is necessary.

Patients and Methods: In the present study, 517 patients with schizophrenia underwent antipsychotic drug treatment, and two groups were identified: patients with MetS and without MetS. Genotyping of 6 SNPs in the FTO gene was performed, and the results analyzed using R-programme.

Results: We performed a statistical analysis to identify possible associations of the frequencies of genotypes and alleles of the studied polymorphisms with the presence of metabolic syndrome in schizophrenia patients, with the presence of abdominal obesity, and with an increased body mass index. The rs7185735 polymorphism did not meet the Hardy-Weinberg criterion and was excluded. After correcting for differences in age, gender and duration of illnesses, none of the variants was shown to be related to metabolic syndrome or abdominal obesity, but rs9939609, rs1421085, rs3751812 and rs8050136 were associated with body mass index.

Conclusion: The present study provides additional support for these SNP's roles as a pharmacogenetic biomarker that may become useful in the framework of the personalized medicine approach.

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TijdschriftPharmacogenomics and personalized medicine
StatusPublished - 7-sep.-2021

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