Self-management, self-efficacy, and secondary health conditions in people with spinal cord injury

Tijn van Diemen


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    This thesis is about self-management, confidence, and secondary health conditions of people who were recently confronted with spinal cord injury. Spinal cord injury is a relative rare condition that not only causes paralysis and sensibility defects it may also affect autonomic functions like control over bladder and bowel functioning. These changes make self-management important in preventing secondary health conditions, for instance pressure injuries, urinary tract infections, pain, but also anxiety and depressive mood, if possible. The execution of self-management by people with a spinal cord injury depends on knowledge, skills and confidence in their ability to manage their condition.
    The results of the seven presented studies show that confidence in their ability to manage their condition is an important factor for the occurrence of mental secondary health conditions. For the physical secondary health conditions more research necessary. Further it was found that the questionnaires, currently used to measure confidence, measure mostly personality traits and not the state aspects of confidence. While these state aspects are supposed to highly correlated with adjustment after spinal cord injury, there is a need for a sensitive state questionnaire in clinical practice. Confidence being an important aspect of adjusting after spinal cord injury, this should be emphasized during rehabilitation after spinal cord injury. This can be done by making confidence an important rehabilitation target. The whole rehabilitation team can work on this target in an interdisciplinary approach.
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