Serrated Plastic Flow of Various Metallic Glasses during Nanoindentation

Mária Huráková, Kornel Csach, Jozef Miškuf, Alena Juríková, Štefan Demčák, Václav Ocelík, Jeff T.M. de Hosson

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    Nanoindentation experiments were executed on amorphous metallic ribbons made of Fe40Ni40B20, Cu47Ti35Zr11Ni6Si1 and Zr65Cu17.5Ni10Al7.5 that differ in microhardness and glass forming ability. The individual serrated plastic flow events were analyzed in a wide range of the loading rates. In the individual pop-in events of the load-displacement (P-h) curve the contributions of plastic deformation (Δhpl) were calculated depending on the loading rate and the alloy composition. It is concluded that the contribution of the serrated plastic deformation flow varies with the composition of the alloy. The highest plastic deformation for the individual pop-ins was observed for Zr-based metallic glasses.
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    StatusPublished - 2016

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