Sicherheitspolitik im Arktischen Rat? Lieber nicht!


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    Ongoing political, legal, environmental and economic changes open up the Arctic. This has implications for regional security. The article tackles the question whether the preeminent regional institution, the Arctic Council, should include security-related topics in its portfolio to deal with the emerging challenges. The article argues that the regional security issues will be taken care of better in other institutions for at least two reasons: dealing with security-related topics might negatively impact the Arctic Council’s institutional practice, while at the same time the Arctic Council might not provide the best institutional background needed to cope with the most pertinent issues on the security agenda.
    Vertaalde titel van de bijdrageSecurity Policy in the Arctic Council? Rather Not!
    Originele taal-2German
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    TijdschriftSicherheit und Frieden
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    StatusPublished - 2015

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