Sifting thourgh single grave settlements: Keinsmerbrug and Mienakker in the Noord Holland tidal area (the Netherlands)

J.P. Kleijne, Sandra Beckerman, Dick Brinkhuizen, O. Brinkkemper, V. Garcia-Diaz, L. Kubiak-Martens, RCGM LAUWERIER, T.F.M. Oudemans, Johannes Peeters, Daniel Raemaekers, Bjorn Smit, L. Theunissen, A.L van Gijn, J.T. Zeiler



Between 2009 and 2014, a research project was carried out by several research institutes and commercial companies in order to study and publish three settlement sites of the Single Grave Culture located in the Western Netherlands.
These sites were excavated more than twenty years ago, but unfortunately the results were only scarcely published, and mostly in Dutch. This research project provided an excellent opportunity to unlock the high quality archaeological information. The presence of organic remains and numerous artefacts in
cultural layers and the thorough excavation of these layers have produced a wealth of data regarding Late Neolithic behavioural variability in a dynamic wetland landscape. In this article, a summary of the results of this project will be presented.
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