Simultaneous quantification of the 22-kDa isoforms of human growth hormone 1 and 2 in human plasma by multiplexed immunocapture and LC-MS/MS

Bas Sleumer, Martijn van Faassen, Michel J. Vos, Gijs den Besten, Ido P. Kema, Nico C. van de Merbel*

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An LC-MS/MS method is presented for the simultaneous quantification of two structurally closely related protein biomarker isoforms, the 22-kDa isoforms of human growth hormone 1 and human growth hormone 2, in human plasma. It is based on multiplexed immunocapture using two monoclonal antibodies immobilized on magnetic beads, tryptic digestion and quantification of two specific signature peptides plus an additional peptide for estimation of total growth hormone related concentrations. A full validation according to international guidelines was performed across the clinically relevant concentration ranges of 0.5 to 50 ng/mL for growth hormone 1, and 2 to 50 ng/mL for growth hormone 2 and demonstrated satisfactory method performance in terms of accuracy, precision, stability and absence of interference. The method's applicability for routine analysis and its ability to effectively distinguish between GH1 and GH2 was demonstrated by the analysis of plasma samples from pregnant individuals to study the changes in growth hormone levels during pregnancy.

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TijdschriftClinica chimica acta
StatusPublished - 1-feb.-2024

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