Simultaneous Simultaneous Determination of Stable Carbon, Oxygen, and Hydrogen Isotopes in Cellulose

N. J. Loader*, F. A. Street-Perrott, T. J. Daley, P. D. M. Hughes, A. Kimak, T. Levanic, G. Mallon, D. Mauquoy, I. Robertson, T. P. Roland, S. van Bellen, M. M. Ziehmer, M. Leuenberger

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A technological development is described through which the stable carbon-, oxygen-, and nonexchangeable hydrogen-isotopic ratios (delta C-13, delta O-18, delta H-2) are determined on a single carbohydrate (cellulose) sample with precision equivalent to conventional techniques (delta C-13 0.15 parts per thousand, delta O-18 0.30 parts per thousand, delta H-2 3.0 parts per thousand). This triple-isotope approach offers significant new research opportunities, most notably in physiology and medicine, isotope biogeochemistry, forensic science, and palaeoclimatology, when isotopic analysis of a common sample is desirable or when sample material is limited.

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TijdschriftAnalytical Chemistry
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StatusPublished - 6-jan.-2015
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