Smooth Blended Subdivision Shading

J. Bakker, P. J. Barendrecht, J. Kosinka


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The concept known as subdivision shading aims at improving the shading of subdivision surfaces. It is based on the subdivision
of normal vectors associated with the control net of the surface. By either using the resulting subdivided normal field directly, or blending it with the normal field of the limit surface, renderings of higher visual smoothness can be obtained. In this work we propose a different and more versatile approach to blend the two normal fields, yielding not only better results, but also a proof that our blended normal field is C1
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StatusPublished - 2018
EvenementEurographics 2018 - Delft, Netherlands
Duur: 16-apr.-201820-apr.-2018


ConferenceEurographics 2018
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