Social Media in Educational Practice: Faculty Present and Future Use of Social Media in Teaching

Marc Esteve Del Valle, Anatoliy Gruzd, Caroline Haythornthwaite, Drew Paulin, Sarah Gilbert

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    This paper presents results from a questionnaire (n=333) designed to gain an understanding of instructor motivations and experience with social media use in educational practice. Data on overall use of social media, and instructors’ use of social media in classes are applied to assess factors leading to present and future use of social media in teaching, using a framework based on the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT2) model. Our findings show use in teaching is driven by factors associated with UTAUT’s Performance Expectancy construct, i.e., personal engagement with social media, and Moderating Condition of age, with older participants making greater use of social media in teaching. Other constructs associated with use are Habit (experience teaching online), Social Influence (colleagues using social media), Effort Expectancy (awareness of barriers, staying informed), Facilitating Conditions (institutional technology support) and Moderating Conditions (teaching at a two-year college).
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    TitelProceedings of the 50th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences-2017
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    StatusPublished - 1-jan.-2017
    Evenement50th Hawaii International Conference on Systems Science - Hawaii, United States
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    Conference50th Hawaii International Conference on Systems Science
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