Societal appreciation of energy security: Volume 1: Value of lost load – households (EE, NL and PT)

Alberto Longo, Sergio Giaccaria, Thijs Bouman, Tilemahos Efthimiadis



The report presents the results of a multi-country survey providing qualitative and quantitative information on the Value of Lost Load, an indicator of the economic value of unserved energy during electricity outages (blackouts). The point of view of residential consumers in the electricity market is explored through a discrete choice experiment. The results, in-line with other studies in this framework, highlight that respondents are willing to support further increases in the reliability and quality of electricity supply. Furthermore, consumers are found to have as aversion toward the possibility of losing their current security. Using a random parameter logit, we show that the ways to perceive the losses of security are remarkably dispersed. The survey was conducted in Estonia, the Netherlands and Portugal.

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StatusPublished - 11-jan.-2019

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