Societal appreciation of energy security: Volume 3: Non-household actors (EE, NL and PT)

Sergio Giaccaria, Tilemahos Efthimiadis, Alberto Longo, Thijs Bouman



The availability and continuity of energy supply play a key role in qualifying the energy security of a country. This report explores the meaning of energy security, according to the perceptions and preferences of a broad range of market actors. Making use of interviews and survey data taken in Estonia, the Netherlands and Portugal, the importance of an encompassing set of policy topics/measures is explored and described to investigate the relevance of different dimensions of energy security. The perspectives of residential, industrial and commercial energy users, Distribution System Operators, electricity retailers and producers are analysed rating and ranking the relevance of policy components of energy security. The study provides a snapshot of potential gaps and discrepancies among the views of different categories of market actors and compares information on their beliefs and preferences with those stated by households and the other market actors. This enables to identify any consensus on the different components of energy security.
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StatusPublished - 2019

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