Soundscape assessment: Towards a validated translation of perceptual attributes in different languages

Francesco Aletta*, Tim Oberman, Östen Axelsson, Kirsten van den Bosch

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The recently published ISO/TS 12913-2:2018 standard aims to provide researchers and practitioners around the world with a reliable questionnaire for soundscape characterization. The ISO Technical Specifications report protocols and attributes grounded in the soundscape literature, but only includes an English version. The applicability and reliability of these attributes in non-English speaking regions remains an open question, as research investigating translations of soundscape attributes is limited. To address this gap, an international collaboration was initiated with soundscape researchers from all over the world. Translation into 15 different languages, obtained through focus groups and panels of experts in soundscape studies, are proposed. The main challenges and outcomes of this preliminary exercise are discussed. The long-term objective is to validate the proposed translations using standardized listening experiments in different languages and geographical regions as a way to promote a widespread use of the soundscape attributes, both in academia and practice, across locations, populations and languages.
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TitelProceedings of 2020 International Congress on Noise Control Inter- Noise 2020
Plaats van productieSeoul
StatusPublished - aug-2020
EvenementInternational Congress and Exhibition on Noise Control Engineering: Inter- Noise 2020 - Seoul, Korea, Republic of
Duur: 23-aug-202026-aug-2020
Congresnummer: 49


ConferenceInternational Congress and Exhibition on Noise Control Engineering
Land/RegioKorea, Republic of

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