Soziologie der Nachhaltigkeit: Herausforderungen und Perspektiven

Anna Henkel, Stefan Böschen, Nikolai Drews, Louisa Firnenburg, Benjamin Görgen, Matthias Grundmann, Nico Lüdtke, Thomas Pfister, Simone Rödder, Björn Wendt

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This paper proceeds on the assumption that a specifically sociological perspective is lacking in the discourse on sustainability. However, especially in view of the diversity of this dis-course, a “sociology of sustainability” may offer new insights by contributing different per-spectives and critically reflecting on the implicit premises of the sustainability debate. A spe-cific challenge for sociology is to position itself with regard to the problem-orientation as well as the normative character of sustainability. This contribution proposes to consider the per-spective-rich diversity of sociology as a strength, which, as it applies to the parallel diversity of sustainability, can be made very productive. Sociological approaches applicable to the sus-tainability debate are those that bear upon the simultaneity of observation and orientation of transformation – whether with an area-specific or societal-theoretical focus – and arrive at thoroughly plural mediation proposals. This paper introduces five such proposals as explora-tory examples for a sociology of sustainability: doing sustainability, a field theoretical analy-sis, a contribution from the sociology of science, epistemic governance and a societal-theoretical reflection. We understand this as a prelude to a discussion regarding the coming sociology of sustainability.
Vertaalde titel van de bijdrageSociology of Sustainability: Challenges and perspectives
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TijdschriftSoziologie und Nachhaltigkeit
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StatusPublished - mrt.-2017

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