Spectral correlative chromatography and its application to analysis of chromatographic fingerprints of herbal medicines

Bo Yan Li, Yun Hu, Yi Zeng Liang*, Lan Fang Huang, Cheng Jian Xu, Pei Shan Xie

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    A signal-processing method known as spectral correlative chromatography (SCC) for two-dimensional data obtained from hyphenated chromatography is developed and applied to chemical chromatographic fingerprint data sets of herbal medicine under specific experimental conditions. The method can judge the presence or absence of a spectral correlative peak among the spectrochromatograms. A local least squares regression model (LLS) is constructed in a piecewise manner to correct the shifts of retention time of some peaks of interest in the chromatograms of various test samples. The results compare favorably with those obtained by a two-point calibrated algorithm. It is shown that performing SCC and LLS on the piecewise clusters of various chromatographic fingerprints is more helpful in practice in revealing their common nature and for characterizing the chemical constituents. This approach holds great potential for facilitating quality control of herbal medicines.

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    TijdschriftJournal of Separation Science
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    StatusPublished - 1-mei-2004

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