Spin transport and spin injection in mesoscopic metal and semiconductor devices

BJ Van Wees*, FJ Jedema, AT Filip

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    We present our recent experiments on spin dependent transport in mesoscopic systems. First we give a basic theoretical description of spin transport in multiterminal devices. It is shown that multiterminal measurements make it possible to fully isolate the spin valve signal from other spurious (magnetoresistance) effects. Experiments on spin transport in metal and low-dimensional semiconductors are discussed. Spin accumulation and spin transport are observed in permalloy/copper spin valves, allowing a determination of the spin flip lengths in copper strips(approximate to 1 mu m at 4.2 K and approximate to 350nm at room temperature). It is shown that the failure to observe spin transport in ferromagnet/semiconductor devices might be explained by "conductivity mismatch" arguments.

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    TitelElectronic Correlations: From Meso- to Nano-Physics
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    StatusPublished - 2001
    Evenement36th Rencontres de Moriond on Electronic Correlations - , France
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