Spline-based medial axis transform representation of binary images

Jieying Wang*, Jiří Kosinka, Alexandru Telea

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Medial axes are well-known descriptors used for representing, manipulating, and compressing binary images. In this paper, we present a full pipeline for computing a stable and accurate piece-wise B-spline representation of Medial Axis Transforms (MATs) of binary images. A comprehensive evaluation on a benchmark shows that our method, called Spline-based Medial Axis Transform (SMAT), achieves very high compression ratios while keeping quality high. Compared with the regular MAT representation, the SMAT yields a much higher compression ratio at the cost of a slightly lower image quality. We illustrate our approach on a multi-scale SMAT representation, generating super-resolution images, and free-form binary image deformation.

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TijdschriftComputers and Graphics (Pergamon)
StatusPublished - aug.-2021

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