Splitting of ISGMR strength in the light-mass nucleus Mg-24 due to ground-state deformation

Y. K. Gupta*, U. Garg, J. T. Matta, D. Patel, T. Peach, J. Hoffman, K. Yoshida, M. Itoh, M. Fujiwara, K. Hara, H. Hashimoto, K. Nakanishi, M. Yosoi, H. Sakaguchi, S. Terashima, S. Kishi, T. Murakami, M. Uchida, Y. Yasuda, H. AkimuneT. Kawabata, M. N. Harakeh

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The isoscalar giant monopole resonance (ISGMR) strength distribution in Mg-24 has been determined from background-free inelastic scattering of 386-MeV alpha particles at extreme forward angles, including 0 degrees The ISGMR strength distribution has been observed for the first time to have a two-peak structure in a light-mass nucleus. This splitting of ISGMR strength is explained well by microscopic theory in terms of the prolate deformation of the ground state of Mg-24. (C) 2015 The Authors. Published by Elsevier B.V.

Originele taal-2English
Pagina's (van-tot)343-346
Aantal pagina's4
TijdschriftPhysics Letters B
StatusPublished - 2-sep-2015

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