Sports participation of Dutch lower limb amputees

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Objective: To analyze sports participation of Dutch lower limb amputees and factors influencing sports participation.

Study design: A cross-sectional survey was performed. Dutch lower limb amputees (N = 2039) were invited to participate in a postal survey addressing personal and amputation characteristics, physical limitations, sports participation, skin problems, and prosthesis use. Only data concerning personal and amputation characteristics together with the data concerning sports participation were used for this study.

Results: Of the 816 questionnaires received, 780 were suitable for statistical analysis. The mean age of the participants was 59.6 years (SD 14.8), 62% were men and 27% of the amputations was due to vascular diseases or diabetes. Only 15% of all respondents participate in sports at least 5 hours a month. Smoking (odds ratio: 0.55), an age older than 60 (odds ratio: 0.97 per year), and a vascular cause of amputation (odds ratio: 0.42) were negatively associated with sports participation.

Conclusion: Less than 15% of the Dutch lower limb amputees participate in sports at least 5 hours per month. Older age, smoking and a vascular cause of amputation have a negative influence on the sports participation of these individuals.

Clinical relevance Actual sports participation rate of lower limb amputees is much lower than earlier predicted. Older lower limb amputees with a poor health are less likely to participate in sports; therefore rehabilitation professionals working with this patient group should try to promote a healthier living style.

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