SQUID Noise in a 176-Pixel FDM Demonstrator for the SAFARI Far-Infrared Spectrometer

Michael D. Audley*, Qian Wang, Richard A. Hijmering, Pourya Khosropanah, Gert de Lange, Anton J. van der Linden, Marcel L. Ridder, Emanuele Taralli

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We are developing the frequency-domain multiplexing (FDM) readout for the SAFARI far-infrared spectrometer on board the SPICA space observatory. Each readout channel comprises a set of ~ 160 TESs and LC filters and is read out with a SQUID preamplifier. Baseband feedback is applied to overcome the dynamic range limitations of the SQUID. We have carried out extensive characterization of a test readout system coupled to a 176-pixel TES bolometer array in order to understand and optimize the system. We present our latest measurements of this 176-pixel FDM demonstrator, focusing on the noise contribution from the SQUID.

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TijdschriftJournal of Low Temperature Physics
Nummer van het tijdschrift3-4
StatusPublished - mei-2020

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