Stakeholder influence on teaming and absorptive capacity in innovation networks

Arnold Hoosbeek*, Jan de Vries

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Through technological developments, innovation increasingly occurs within a network of organizations such as Industry 4.0 fieldlabs. As a result, collaboration between different companies and institutions with different interests needs to take place. Three Dutch smart industry fieldlabs were analysed to study how these collaborative relationships are being established and what their impact is on the absorptive capacity of the network in question. Contrary to what was expected, we found that stakeholders hardly exercised power. Also, a high level of psychological safety was found in the network, which positively affects collaboration. Furthermore, collaborative elements—such as open conversation, collaborating, experimenting and reflecting—are important factors affecting the absorptive capacity in the fieldlabs examined. The article concludes with several practical implications on how to stimulate innovation capability.
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TijdschriftCreativity and Innovation Management
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Vroegere onlinedatum6-jun.-2021
StatusPublished - sep.-2021

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