Starting HMV at home: a reasonable option for many patients?

Ries J.M. van den Biggelaar*, A. Hazenberg, N. A.M. Cobben, M. A. Gaytant, D. A.M.P.J. Gommers, P. J. Wijkstra

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Background and objective: In the current study, we undertook a more detailed exploration of the reasons why patients undergoing HMV were screened out of a recently published study in order to better understand how applicable home initiation of HMV is under real life conditions.

Methods: All referred patients who had an indication for starting HMV were screened to participate in the Homerun study. In this trial 512 patients were screened out of the study. Those patients not enrolled in the trial were divided into the following 3 groups: (1) those not fulfilling the inclusion criteria; 2) those meeting the exclusion criteria and 3) those excluded on the basis of medical or organisation reasons. Each group was then further divided into those who would likely have been suitable for initiation of HMV at home in real world practice and those who were unsuitable.

Results: Based on inclusion criteria (group 1) 116 patients could not start HMV in real life, while this was 245 patients in the study. Based on the exclusion criteria (group 2) 11 patients could not start in real life while this was 79 in the study. One hundred and eighty-eight could not be enrolled in the study due to medical and organisational reasons (group 3), while in real life this was only 95.

Conclusion: This study indicates that more than 55% of patients who did not participate in the Homerun study could have started HMV at home in real life.

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TijdschriftBMC Pulmonary Medicine
StatusPublished - dec.-2022


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