State-selective electron capture in collisions of He2+ with H

R Hoekstra *, F.J de Heer, R Morgenstern

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    Charge transfer into He+ (nl) states (n <5) in collisions (2-13 keV amu-1) of He2+ on atomic hydrogen has been studied by means of photon emission spectroscopy. State selective electron capture cross sections into the degenerate He+ (4l) states have been determined by deconvoluting the intensity distribution of the He II (n = 4 --> n = 3) emission along the total ion-beam path inside the collision chamber. They are compared with theoretical results, especially with the large-basis set extended atomic orbital calculations of Fritsch. Generally good agreement with these extended calculations is found. However, the structures in the theoretical cross sections for capture into the non-dominantly populated n = 4 states are not observed experimentally.

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    TijdschriftJournal of Physics B-Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics
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    StatusPublished - 28-sep-1991

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