Status report of the MS-ECRIS construction

G. Ciavola*, S. Gammino, L. Celona, F. Consoli, G. Gallo, D. Mascali, S. Passarello, M. Cavenago, A. Galata, P. Spaedtke, K. Tinschert, R. Lang, H. Koivisto, P. Suominen, O. Tarvainen, C. Barue, M. Lechartier, R. Leroy, J. P. M. Beijers, S. BrandenburgH. R. Kremers, D. Vanrooyen, D. Kuchler, D. Hitz, P. Seyfert, L. Schachter, S. Dobrescu

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The design of each component of the Multipurpose Superconducting ECR Ion Source (MS-ECRIS) has been completed and some items are ready. The magnets and the cryostat are under construction at ACCEL and the commissioning is scheduled for March 2007. The mechanical have been optimized and their construction is under way, the microwave system is under refurbishment and the 65kV power supply is available and upgraded for afterglow operations. Pumping and extraction system were adapted to the EIS testbench of GSI Darmstadt. The description of,each part will be given in the paper along with a schedule of the forthcoming development and experiments.

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Pagina's (van-tot)13-17
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TijdschriftHigh energy physics and nuclear physics-Chinese edition
StatusPublished - jul-2007
Evenement17th International Workshop on ECR Ion Sources and Their Applications -
Duur: 17-sep-200621-sep-2006

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