Staying BRiTE in the Dutch teacher education context

Marjon Fokkens-Bruinsma, Michelle Gemmink, Els Rooij, van

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Preservice teachers face the complex challenge of balancing the requirements of teacher education programmes and schools and developing a professional identity as a teacher. Developing the knowledge and skills to manage working as a teacher is important to prevent emotional exhaustion during teacher education and later in the teaching career. Therefore, it is important to begin building resilience during the teacher education programme. Dutch policymakers and teacher educators recognize this need; however, there are currently no structural practices in teacher education programmes to help preservice teachers build resilience. Thus, introducing the BRiTE framework and modules could be a beneficial opportunity for Dutch teacher education. This chapter focuses on describing the Dutch teacher education context and teacher educators’ perceptions of resilience. We also discuss how the BRiTE modules can be implemented in Dutch teacher education programmes.
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TitelCultivating Teacher Resilience
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