Stopping and straggling of 60-250-keV backscattered protons on nanometric Pt films

F. F. Selau*, H. Trombini, G. G. Marmitt, A. M. H. de Andrade, J. Morais, P. L. Grande, Rebeca Alencar, M. Vos, R. Heller

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    The stopping power and straggling of backscattered protons on nanometric Pt films were measured at low to medium energies (60-250 keV) by using the medium-energy ion scattering technique. The stopping power results are in good agreement with the most recent measurements by Primetzhofer Phy s. Rev. B 86, 094102 (2012) and are well described by the free electron gas model at low projectile energies. Nevertheless, the straggling results are strongly underestimated by well-established formulas up to a factor of two. Alternatively, we propose a model for the energy-loss straggling that takes into account the inhomogeneous electron-gas response, based on the electron-loss function of the material, along with bunching effects. This approach yields remarkable agreement with the experimental data, indicating that the observed enhancement in energy-loss straggling is due to bunching effects in an inhomogeneous electron system. Nonlinear effects are of minor importance for the energy-loss straggling.

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    TijdschriftPhysical Review A
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    StatusPublished - 14-sep-2020

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