Strategic Groups and Significant Clustering

Charlie Carroll, Howard Thomas



Strategic groups research has been criticized for using cluster analysis without significance testing. Instead, the structure-performance link became the litmus test for the existence of distinct strategic groups. Unfortunately, the concept of strategic groups became distorted to fit this validity test, and the findings are still equivocal. Fortunately, significance tests for cluster analysis are now available in popular packages. We capitalize on the availability of these tests to develop a new theory of strategic groups, which in return is used to improve the significance tests. This integrated solution appears to resolve long-standing mismatch between strategic groups theory and methods.
Originele taal-2English
StatusPublished - 20-okt-2019
EvenementStrategic Management Society 39th Annual Conference: "Out of the Spotlight" Strategies - Hilton Minneapolis, Minneapolis, United States
Duur: 19-okt-201922-okt-2019
Congresnummer: 39th


ConferenceStrategic Management Society 39th Annual Conference
Verkorte titelSMS Conference
Land/RegioUnited States
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