Stratified nomic realism



From a realist perspective, the main target of theory oriented empirical
science may be characterized as the truth about the demarcation between
nomic, e.g. physical, possibilities and impossibilities, called the ‘nomic truth’.
In my “Models, postulates, and generalized nomic truth approximation” (2016)
I have presented the ‘basic’ version of generalized nomic truth approximation,
starting from ‘two-sided’ theories, consisting of models and postulates. Nomic
truth approximation becomes, in this way, a process of revising theories, by revising their models and/or their postulates, as more evidence arises. The basic
version of generalized nomic truth approximation is in several respects as simple as possible. Among other things, the basic version does not make a (theoryrelative) distinction between an observational and a theoretical level. This
raises the question of how, in a stratified set-up, theoretical (nomic) truth approximation relates to observational truth approximation and to increasing empirical success.
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