Studies to optimize selection for immunomodulatory cancer therapy with focus on immunoPET

Iris Christina Kok


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    This thesis focuses on imaging with PET and radiolabeled immune
    checkpoint inhibitors to increase the knowledge about these
    medicines, their whole body distribution, drug target expression, and
    factors determining patient response.
    We performed first-in-human studies to assess drug biodistribution, uptake at the drugs target, heterogeneity in target expression and relation to uptake and treatment response.
    In this thesis, we demonstrate how ImmunoPET imaging can combine
    the target specificity of an antibody with the advantages of PET-based
    visualization and quantification. In two reviews and our own work, we
    show how this technique is being used in small smart trials to support
    drug development and patient selection.
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    • de Vries, Liesbeth, Supervisor
    • Jalving, Hilde, Co-supervisor
    • de Groot, Derk Jan, Co-supervisor
    Datum van toekenning23-sep.-2021
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    StatusPublished - 2021

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