Study of 116 sn via neutron pickup and proton stripping reactions

J. M. Schippers*, J. M. Schreuder, S. Y. Van der Werf, K. Allaart, N. Blasi, M. Waroquier

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    The nucleus 116Sn has been studied via the neutron pickup reactions 117Sn(d,t)116Sn and 117Sn(3He, α)116Sn, and via the proton stripping reactions 115In(3He, d)116 and 115In(α,t)116Sn. Spectroscopic factors have been deduced from the 117Sn(d,t) and the 115(3He, d) reactions for final states in 116Sn below Ex = 3.8 MeV. By combining the (l-transfers, observed in these reactions, spin assignments for various states can be given or limits on them can be set. Notably an unambiguous assignment of Iπ = 3+ can be made for the states at 2.997, 3.180, 3.416 and 3.709 MeV.

    Spectroscopic factors and their fragmentation are compared with those derived from the broken pair model and from a large-basis shell-model calculation involving both neutron quasi-particle excitations and proton 1p1h excitations.
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    TijdschriftNuclear Physics A
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    StatusPublished - 2-apr-1990

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