Study of spin-isospin responses of radioactive nuclei with the background-reduced neutron spectrometer, PANDORA

L. Stuhl*, M. Sasano, J. Gao, Y. Hirai, K. Yako, T. Wakasa, D. S. Ahn, H. Baba, A. I. Chilug, S. Franchoo, Y. Fujino, N. Fukuda, J. Gibelin, I. S. Hahn, Z. Halasz, T. Harada, M. N. Harakeh, D. Inomoto, T. Isobe, H. KasaharaD. Kim, G. G. Kiss, T. Kobayashi, Y. Kondo, Z. Korkulu, S. Koyama, Y. Kubota, A. Kurihara, H. N. Liu, M. Matsumoto, S. Michimasa, H. Miki, M. Miwa, T. Motobayashi, T. Nakamura, M. Nishimura, H. Otsu, V. Panin, S. Park, A. T. Saito, H. Sakai, H. Sato, T. Shimada, Y. Shimizu, S. Shimoura, A. Spiridon, I. C. Stefanescu, X. Sun, Y. L. Sun, H. Suzuki, E. Takada, Y. Togano, T. Tomai, L. Trache, D. Tudor, T. Uesaka, H. Yamada, Z. Yang, M. Yasuda, K. Yoneda, K. Yoshida, J. Zenihiro, N. Zhang

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The status of a project to measure spin-isospin responses of neutron drip-line nuclei using a new low-energy neutron detector, PANDORA (Particle Analyzer Neutron Detector Of Real-time Acquisition), is reported. The performance of PANDORA was characterized by the 6He(p,n)6Li reaction in inverse kinematics at the HIMAC facility in Chiba. Observation of the strong transition to the ground state in 6Li is discussed. Preliminary results of 11Li(p,n)11Be and 14Be(p,n)14B experiments in inverse kinematics at RI Beam Factory (RIBF) of RIKEN Nishina Center are also presented including the exotic decay channel of 11Be→9Li + d. Details of the experimental setup based on PANDORA and the SAMURAI large-acceptance magnetic spectrometer, as well as the combined data-acquisition system are described. The neutron-gamma discrimination capability of PANDORA was evaluated, Figure-of-Merit (FoM) values higher than those found in the literature for similar materials were derived from experimental data.

Originele taal-2English
Pagina's (van-tot)189-194
Aantal pagina's6
TijdschriftNuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section B-Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms
StatusPublished - 15-jan-2020
Evenement18th International Conference on Electromagnetic Isotope Separators and Related Topics (EMIS) - Geneva, Switzerland
Duur: 16-sep-201821-sep-2018

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