Study of the isospin character of 1-states using hadronic probes at intermediate energies

V. Derya, J. Endres, M.N. Harakeh, D. Savran, M. Spieker, H.J. Wörtche, A. Zilges

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The complementary (γ, γ′) and (α, α′γ) reactions were used to study the isospin properties of low-lying E1 excitations in the doubly-magic nucleus 48Ca. In contrast to heavier nuclei, a state-to-state change in isospin character was revealed in 48Ca and a dominant isoscalar excitation was found which is interpreted as an isoscalar oscillation. Recently, protons at 80 MeV were used as an additional hadronic probe in a p-γ coincidence experiment on 140Ce for the first time. Results of the experiments on 48Ca and first results of the 140Ce will be presented in this contribution.
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StatusPublished - 28-mei-2015

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