Study of the near-threshold omega phi mass enhancement in doubly OZI-suppressed J/psi -> gamma omega phi decays

M. Ablikim*, M. N. Achasov, O. Albayrak, D. J. Ambrose, F. F. An, Q. An, J. Z. Bai, Y. Ban, J. Becker, J. V. Bennett, M. Bertani, J. M. Bian, E. Boger, O. Bondarenko, I. Boyko, R. A. Briere, V. Bytev, X. Cai, O. Cakir, A. CalcaterraG. F. Cao, S. A. Cetin, J. F. Chang, G. Chelkov, G. Chen, H. S. Chen, J.C. Chen, M.L. Chen, S. J. Chen, X. Chen, Y.B. Chen, H. P. Cheng, Y. P. Chu, D. Cronin-Hennessy, H. L. Dai, J.P. Dai, D. Dedovich, Z. Y. Deng, A. Denig, I. Denysenko, M. Destefanis, W. M. Ding, Y. Ding, L. Y. Dong, M. Y. Dong, N. Kalantar-Nayestanaki, M. Kavatsyuk, Cheng Liu, H. Loehner, J. G. Messchendorp, BESIII Collaboration

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    A 2:25 x 10(8) J/psi event sample accumulated with the BESIII detector is used to study the doubly Okubo-Zweig-Iizuka-suppressed decay modes J/psi -> gamma omega phi, omega -> pi(+)pi(-)pi(0), phi -> K+K-. A strong deviation (> 30 sigma) from three-body J/psi -> gamma omega phi phase space is observed near the omega phi mass threshold that is consistent with a previous observation reported by the BESII experiment. A partial wave analysis with a tensor covariant amplitude that assumes that the enhancement is due to the presence of a resonance, the X(1810), is performed and confirms that the spin-parity of the X(1810) is 0(++). The mass and width of the X(1810) are determined to be M = 1795 +/- 7(stat)(-5)(+13) (syst) +/- 19(mod) MeV/c(2) and Gamma = 95 +/- 10(stat)(-34)(+21)(syst) +/- 75(mod) MeV/c(2), respectively, and the product branching fraction is measured to be B(J/psi -> gamma X(1810)) x B(X(1810) -> omega phi) = (2.00 +/- 0.08(stat)(-1.00)(+0.45)(syst) +/- 1.30(mod)) x 10(-4). These results are consistent within errors with those of the BESII experiment. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.87.032008

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    TijdschriftPhysical Review D
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    StatusPublished - 22-feb.-2013

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