Survey on IT Industry and University Collaboration for Adaptive Course Development

Shantha Fernando , A. Dahanayake, H Sol

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    The contribution of Information Technology (IT) to the economic growth and sustainable development of a country is indicated by the quality and spread of IT industries and IT education in universities. The gap between the knowledge provided by the university and the knowledge required by the IT industry is a concern. As a solution, Adaptive Course Development (ACD) that could result from the collaboration of IT companies with the universities conducting IT courses was proposed. In our former work, a framework was proposed to develop IT aligned learning objects that are to be deployed on an e-learning platform to implement ACD. This process takes into account relevant subject areas, availability of experts, openness of IT companies, IT course curriculum, etc. The survey described in this paper reveals the potential for ACD in a transitional country. Similar situations may exist in developed countries as well.
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    TitelEmerging Trends and Challenges in Information Technology Management
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