Survival and neurite formation of mesencephalic trigeminal neurones of the rat in vitro

JCVM Copray*, RSB Liem

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In order to study the development and functional properties of single, isolated, rat mesencephalic trigeminal neurones, a cell-culture procedure was developed for these specific primary sensory neurones. Mesencephalic trigeminal neurones were isolated from the brainstem of 16-day-old rat embryos. Various factors thought to promote the survival and growth of these neurones in vitro were examined. Outgrowth and maintenance of mesencephalic trigeminal neurones in vitro appeared to be stimulated by a muscle-derived factor, present in muscle-conditioned medium or in muscle extract. Of the neurotrophic factors examined, brain-derived neurotrophic factor and neurotrophin-3, but not nerve-growth factor, promoted the survival of rat mesencephalic trigeminal neurones. Optimal survival of these neurones was found to occur on a monolayer of astrocytes, an effect mediated through direct cell-to-cell interactions.

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TijdschriftArchives of Oral Biology
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StatusPublished - jul.-1993

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