Sustainable Entrepreneurship Education

Emma Folmer*, Dana Schadenberg, Thomas B. Long

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This chapter will give a state-of-the-art and integrated understanding of sustainable entrepreneurship education. It will examine its main components including competences, attitude, teaching approaches, the university ecosystem and assessment. The chapter draws on the results of a systematic literature review conducted for the Erasmus + Teaching Entrepreneurship for Sustainability project. The chapter highlights the importance of sustainable entrepreneurship competencies in creating a mindset for change. The need for sustainable entrepreneurs and so-called 'change makers' highlights the importance of sustainable entrepreneurship education, which empowers students through collaborative, experiential and reflective learning to better our world.

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TitelDe Gruyter Handbook of Sustainable Entrepreneurship Research
RedacteurenGjalt de Jong, Niels Faber, Emma Folmer , Tom Long , Berfu Ünal
UitgeverijDe Gruyter
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StatusPublished - 4-okt.-2023

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