Synergies Between Industry 4.0 and Lean on Triple Bottom Line Performance

Thomas Bortolotti*, Stefania Boscari, Willem Grob, Daryl Powell

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Technological advancements are increasingly integrated into industrial processes. This integration leads to enhanced adaptability and connectivity within the manufacturing sector, commonly referred to as Industry 4.0. As Industry 4.0 remains in its nascent stage, its impact on operational, social, and environmental performance – the Triple Bottom Line dimensions – is relatively understudied. In contrast, Lean has a more established presence in numerous companies. However, potential synergies or conflicts between Lean practices and Industry 4.0 remain largely unexplored. This research aims to examine the effects of Industry 4.0 on the Triple Bottom Line performance dimensions, and the possible synergies when combined with Lean. This study analyzes data from the High-Performance Manufacturing (HPM) database. The findings provide evidence supporting Industry 4.0's positive impact on the Triple Bottom Line performance dimensions, identifying areas where Lean contributes to synergizing effects.
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TitelAdvances in Production Management Systems. Production Management Systems for Responsible Manufacturing, Service, and Logistics Futures
SubtitelIFIP WG 5.7 International Conference, APMS 2023, Trondheim, Norway, September 17–21, 2023, Proceedings, Part I
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StatusPublished - 14-sep.-2023

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