Synthesis and use of carbohydrate-based linear polyesters

Francesco Picchioni (Uitvinder), Ionela Gavrila (Uitvinder)



The invention relates to the field of polymer chemistry, more in particular to the synthesis of novel biobased linear polymers and their applications, among others as rheology modifiers or thickeners in waterborne formulations. Provided is a method for providing a linear carbohydrate-based polyester, comprising (i) reacting a bicyclic acetalized galactaric acid derivative (Galx) with a diol in the presence of a suitable catalyst to obtain a Galx -based polyester; and (ii) subjecting said Galx -based polyester to a hydrolytic deacetalisation reaction to convert at least part of the diacetal moieties to chhydroxide moieties.
Originele taal-2English
StatusPublished - 11-okt.-2018

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