Synthesis of biological based hennotannic acid-based salts over porous bismuth coordination polymer with phosphorous acid tags

Saeed Babaee, Mahmoud Zarei, Mohammad Ali Zolfigol, Sadegh Khazalpour, Masoumeh Hasani, Uwe Rinner, Romana Schirhagl, Neda Norouzi, Sadegh Rostamnia

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In this paper, a novel porous polymer capable of coordinating to bismuth (PCPs-Bi) was synthesized. The Bi-PCPs was then reacted with phosphorous acid to produce a novel polymer PCPs(Bi)N(CH2PO3H2)(2) which is shown to act as an efficient and recyclable catalyst. The mentioned catalyst was applied for the efficient synthesis of new mono and bis naphthoquinone-based salts of piperidine and/or piperazine via the reaction of hennotannic acid with various aldehydes, piperidine and/or piperazine, respectively. The structure of the resulting mono and bis substituted piperazine or piperidine-based naphthoquinone salts was thoroughly characterized spectroscopically. The electrochemical behavior of the products was also investigated. The presented protocol has the advantages of excellent yields (82-95%), short reaction times (4-30 min) and simple work-up.

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TijdschriftRSC Advances
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StatusPublished - 22-jan.-2021

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