Synthesis of Highly Substituted Imidazole Uracil Containing Molecules via Ugi-4CR and Passerini-3CR

Rudrakshula Madhavachary, Tryfon Zarganes-Tzitzikas, Pravin Patil, Katarzyna Kurpiewska, Justyna Kalinowska-Tłuścik, Alexander Dömling*

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The synthesis of uracil/thymine containing tetra/trisubstituted imidazole derivatives was demonstrated using Ugi/Passerini-reaction followed by a postcyclization reaction sequence. The approach enables the one-pot facile construction of diverse compounds in moderate to excellent yields (47-82%). The 5-fluorouracil and 5-methyluracil moieties afford potentially bioactive molecules with drug-like properties. These scaffolds are currently being utilized in the screening deck of the European Lead Factory.

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TijdschriftAcs combinatorial science
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StatusPublished - 9-apr-2018

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