Synthesis of Tunable Fluorescent Imidazole-Fused Heterocycle Dimers

Qiang Zheng, Xin Li, Katarzyna Kurpiewska, Alexander Dömling*

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A short, concise, and one-pot synthesis of imidazo-fused heterocycle dimers with tunable fluorescent properties has been developed. By the first time use of glyoxal dimethyl acetal in the Groebke-Blackburn-Bienaymé (GBB) three-component reaction (3CR), the innovation features a new series of fluorescence-tunable imidazo-fused heterocycle dimers exhibiting a broad substrate scope with good yields. Luminescence studies demonstrate that these GBB-dimers possess color-tunable properties, and their emission colors can be successively changed from blue to green and yellow by easy substituent control.

Originele taal-2English
Pagina's (van-tot)5014–5017
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TijdschriftOrganic letters
StatusPublished - 22-jul.-2022

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