Systematic review on percutaneous aspiration and sclerotherapy versus surgery in symptomatic simple hepatic cysts

Dutch Benign Liver Tumor Group, Alicia Furumaya, Belle V van Rosmalen, Jan Jaap de Graeff, Martijn P D Haring, Vincent E de Meijer, Thomas M van Gulik, Joanne Verheij, Marc G Besselink, Otto M van Delden, Joris I Erdmann

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BACKGROUND: Simple hepatic cysts (SHC) may cause pain and bloating and thus impair quality of life. Whereas current guidelines recommend laparoscopic cyst deroofing, percutaneous aspiration and sclerotherapy (PAS) may be used as a less invasive alternative. This review aimed to assess the efficacy of PAS and surgical management in patients with symptomatic SHC.

METHODS: A systematic search in PubMed and Embase was performed according to PRISMA-guidelines. Studies reporting symptoms were included. Methodological quality was assessed by the MINORS-tool. Primary outcomes were symptom relief, symptomatic recurrence and quality of life, for which a meta-analysis of proportions was performed.

RESULTS: In total, 736 patients from 34 studies were included of whom 265 (36%) underwent PAS, 348 (47%) laparoscopic cyst deroofing, and 123 (17%) open surgical management. During weighted mean follow-up of 26.1, 38.2 and 21.3 months, symptoms persisted in 3.5%, 2.1%, 4.2%, for PAS, laparoscopic and open surgical management, respectively. Major complication rates were 0.8%, 1.7%, and 2.4% and cyst recurrence rates were 0.0%, 5.6%, and 7.7%, respectively.

CONCLUSION: Outcomes of PAS for symptomatic SHC appear to be excellent. Studies including a step-up approach which reserves laparoscopic cyst deroofing for symptomatic recurrence after one or two PAS procedures are needed.

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StatusPublished - jan.-2021

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